Fontaneda Army started in February of 2001 as a guild to help people starting in Tibia while sharings his time in a friendly community. With the discovering of new worlds (Nova, Premia, Amera, etc) people started to colonize these worlds leaving Antica devoid of new players. So, Fontaneda Army is following a new line in its diplomacy where the main objective is to make life easier to our members and try to avoid their problems.

If you want to do any class of treaty with us just message the current diplomac of the guild. We could set any treaty after a study from the Councils.

Dark Side
§1 Freedom
  • Every member who wants to be free, has to leave the guild "Alliance" (with all characters).
  • Any attempt to create problems by abuse of these rules, will result in a permanent hunting of the charactersof the players in question.
  • The guild Fontaneda Army will invalidate any contracts connected to the Alliance or any individual guilds ofthe Alliance. This includes Mercenarys, Followers of the White Dragon, Valheru, Red Rose, Messiahs of Bedlam and Nuevos Corsarios.
  • Fontaneda Army may keep other current contracts with the permission from Dark Side.
  • Permission from the Dark Side must be requested by the Fontaneda Army when signing a new contract.Non-agression treaties are allowed to be signed without permission.

  • §2 Guildmembership
  • By signing this contract, the previous peace contract will be terminated.
  • The Fontaneda Army are not allowed to recruit as they wish, mass recruitment will not beallowed for theFontaneda Army. If the Dark Side sees danger in any recruitment, the Fontaneda Army leadership will be contacted and must show cooperation.
  • No current FA member is allowed to join an Alliance or ex-Alliance guild without permission from the Dark Sideany time in the future.
  • No current FA member is allowed to be one of the founders of a new guild. Exceptions are possible inagreement with the Dark Side leadership.
  • No current FA member is allowed to join another guild which has existed for less than 6 months.

  • §3 Difficulties and Solutions
  • Under no circumstances members of CotBP, BD or TRP (and thier subguilds)should be attacked unprovokedly by FA members (keep in mind it would be wise to check who's friends with who before initiating anattack, counts for both sides).
  • If a FA member is attacked by CotBP, BD or TRP members (and thier subguilds) or a friend is under attack,respectively he/she and the friend shall first proceed to PZ and then attempt to solve the case.
  • In each issue with members of CotBP, BD or TRP, the FA member should first attempt to solve the issue with the member in question and if that doesn't work out the council of his/her guild should be addressed.
  • If a problem concerning any Dark Side member occurs, such as FA members being attacked, proceed directly to PZ and contact his leaders! If proven the attack was unprovoked, actions will be taken towards the Dark Side member in question.