How to applying properly

Introduce yourself and request a formal interview.

How to applying properly

Postby Capuleto » Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:58 pm

I see a lot of you didn't read the Laws and the postit about how to apply, so I'll try to sum up what you should do when you want to introduce yourselves on this subforum and apply for an interview.

1.1 All Tibians may apply to join the brotherhood, regardless of their level, vocation, language, etc.. Applicants must write a message in this forum to notify their interest. That application must be submited with proper spelling, order and in the most informative way possible. Any application not meeting these requirements will be disregarded.

Example of what you CAN'T do:
9.1 Why did you leave (your previous guild)? Becozz I dnt like

Not grammar, no order, not enough information. Apply ignored without thinking it twice.

Keep in mind that when you apply you have to impress us. If your application looks clean, you use forum formats (bold, underline, even an image) and showing that you are mature you will get points.

12. Have you read and understood our Laws?
I know many of you LIE. If you don't read our laws or you didn't understood them, I'll notice in the interview and you will look bad. I prefer not to lose our time in the interview if you don't show a real interest in joining Fontaneda Army. It is mandatory to understand our rules. In case of doubt, do not hesitate asking but don't tell me "I can't remember" when you are asked about any of the important points of our code.

Wrong titles
Titles like "pls i wanna join ur guild :)" are out of consideration, no matter how many smiling faces you write. The only thing we are interested is your name in the title, for example: "John Doe's aplly".

-Regarding questions 10 and 11 - What do you expect from the guild and what the guild can expect from you

Be original. Loyalty, partnership, help, etc. is nothing new. We also know you want to meet new people and find new friends. Use your brain and give us something we don't have.


Good luck!
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